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From fancy & elegant to simple and modern, you're sure to find something that fits your style. Select from the 10 script & 10 non-script fonts shown below.  Most charts are designed with 2 fonts —  a Main Font and a Secondary Font.

Main Font   typically used for the couple's last name and for the category letters (ex. "C" before all the last names beginning with a "C").

Secondary Font typically used for the couple's first names, date and the guest names. 

If you prefer a specific element to be in a different font than is described above (for example, you want the couple's first and last names to be in the Main Font), just indicate that when you enter the Header Information for your order. 

Not sure what style of font to use? We recommend using a combination of a script for the Main Font and a non-script for the Secondary Font...or using all one font. From a design perspective, we suggest only using one script font per seating chart.  A non-script font is recommended as the Secondary font for ease of reading the guest names.

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Non-Script Fonts

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