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Seating Chart Options

Seating Chart Options

What's included in the base price?  

(Seating Charts start at $150) 

- One 30" x 20" Seating Chart

- Choice of Main Color, Background Color and Guest  Name Color

- Choice of 1 or 2 fonts from our list of 20 options

- Choice of wording in the header – ex. first names, first & last names, initials, event date, etc. 

- One complimentary PDF proof

Let’s break down your options and upgrades:

Colors  23 Standard Colors cover a wide range of today's popular colors…but if you don’t see the right color for your event, we also offer nearly 250 Custom Colors. With all these color choices, you are bound to find one that matches! Custom colors carry a $20 fee. 

Click here to see our colors.  


Fonts  — From fancy & elegant to simple and modern, you're sure to find something that fits your style. Select from 10 Script & 10 non-script fonts.  

Most charts are designed with 2 fonts – a Main Font and a Secondary Font. The Main Font is typically used for the couple's last name and for the category letters (ex. "C" before all the last names beginning with a "C"). The Secondary Font is typically used for the couple's first names, date and the guests' names.  A non-script font is recommended for ease of reading for guest names.

We suggest you only use one script font per seating chart as using two different script fonts may not match from a design perspective.  We recommend using a combination of a script for the Main Font and a non-script for the Secondary Font or using all one font. 

Click here to see our fonts.


Finishing — Three finishing options:

Standard ($150)

Mounted ($190)

Framed ($300)

Standard Chart

Mounted Reception Seating Chart

Framed wedding seating charts

Standard charts are large photographic prints that require framing. This option allows you to purchase the frame of your choice. Frame should fit a 30"
x 20" print.


Mounting your print gives it extra support and also helps preserve it if you plan to display it long term. Mounted charts can sit directly on an easel and do not need to be framed. Our double-weight matboard is 1/8" thick. White. 

We have 15 different styles of frames to choose from.  Please visit our Frame page for details on colors, designs and styles.

Table Names If you would like to use Table Names instead of Numbers, we have a $15 fee. Please keep your names as short as possible to avoid taking two lines per guest.


Duplicate Copy — Some couples prefer to have two seating charts, especially for large events (over 200 guests).  We offer 50% off the base seating chart price, plus any mounting and finishing options.


Custom Designs — If you don’t see a design for your event, please inquire about a custom design and we can create something unique. Read about our custom process here.  Custom seating charts start at $225.  Custom designs include free custom colors as well as an expanded font offering.



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